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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we obtain our entertainment industry contacts?

We obtain and gather industry contacts in several ways.  Members or non-members can directly provide us with their public contact data which is eventually exchanged for other public industry contacts via sources to increase the overall amount of contacts in our database. If you wish to have your contact removed simply click here to request contact removal.  To add a new contact click here.

How can I report an inaccurate contact?

Visit: or click here to report an inaccurate contact.

Who can use Major Contacts?

Everyone can utilize and benefit from using to connect to the entertainment industry.  Common examples of people who use us include, but not limited to: Actors, Artists/Musicians/Bands, Songwriters, Aspiring Actors, Fashion Models, Managers, Record Labels, Music Producers/Publishers and Talent Scouts.

How do I browse contacts?

Once you have subscribed to your desired membership level you will be redirected to your member dashboard with immediate access to your contacts. Once you sign out of your account you will return to the homepage. Upon logging back in your account will be redirected back to your member dashboard.

How do I export or download contacts?

You can export or download contacts from your member dashboard area by clicking the export/download image located at the top of your list of contacts.  Contacts can be exported  in several formats. (Csv, PDF, Print or Excel) Multiple download formats are available for download.export_image_contacts

Why are my emails to contacts bouncing and being returned?

Most major entertainment companies do not allow email attachments to avoid bulk file storage on their email servers. Always attach a link within your email (Example: SoundCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive etc…) so that your email does not return as unreachable.

What are your support business hours?

Our support staff answer all inquiries at from Sunday – Thursday  6AM – 2PM (UTC).

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